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Header is up but im still working on it too. Needs to have a futa version too.


Working on a new title header or if its not good enough just porn for this page…


This one took a couple weeks and then some more to polish. Its Palutena from Kid Icarus, someone asked me to do it, i dont even know who anymore. Would look more like her if she had the clothes and gear but this was kind of an experiment. Drew it with my mouse.

Palutena Futanari Rule 34 by ZhaquePalutena Rule 34 by Zhaque


Alright shes alot better now. Pretty happy with it, ive never drawn “chibi”


Working on that Mascot girl having sex with the title at the moment. Shes okay now but could be better somehow?


Well my first one is done now, i gues it alright but i want to move on the next thing. Ass Project done.

Caverns of Assmore

I’ll post my own drawings here when im done with building the site.

For now enjoy the stuff on my front page…

Have fun!

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